Professional Associations

The following links provide rosters of members or of certified intepreters who can provide professional services. There may be other groups that serve Oregon and Washington, but this page only lists those that have a public listing of professionals who can be contracted for their services. I have put a star by the ones I am a member of or have been certified by.

This document provides clarity in understanding the role of Translators, Interpreters, Transcriber-Translators and Terminologists. As of October, 2016, nine professional associations have endorsed it.

Professional Associations and Unions for Interpreters and Translators

Regional – Oregon and Washington

Associations and unions

National and International


Certifying bodies for Interpreters and Translators:

What does it mean to be a certified translator or interpreter? Checklist published by the Federal Coordination and Compliance Section of the Department of Justice

Regional – Oregon and Washington

See this post on translation certifications in the Pacific Northwest.

See this post on spoken language interpreting certifications in Oregon.

National and International

Writing and Copyediting in the United States

Finding work:

Check this map to see where your language is spoken, and where it is taught. Then go to the ATA Chapters and Affilliates page and register with the local chapter that serves the locality where your language is spoken! You will be able to find your target market more easily this way. Many local associations will accept members from other areas.