Business skills interpreters need

Interpreters need business skills to manage their client base and so they can also be marketable as administrative staff in a language company. Here is a tentative list of computer-based skills interpreters should acquire:

  • How to invoice – Word has an invoicing template!
  • How to follow instructions on a company’s invoicing practices.
  • How to track invoices that were paid or not paid – Excel is a good tool for this.
  • How to follow up on late payments.
  • How to follow up on clients who have fallen off the radar – the project manager could have changed, and a quick call might be all that’s needed. Maybe you were unable to take appointments for a period of time and you forgot to tell them you are available again.
  • How to work with an Excel spreadsheet.
  • How to work with track changes in Word.
  • How to put comments in a Word document.
  • How to know when to make a change in a translated document you are reviewing.
  • How to research a term that you can’t find in a dictionary.
  • How to set Word and Excel up to work with your language (see this post)