Response to USG Foreign Language Services Ordering Guide

The site is a go-to site for language access. The Federal Government has done an excellent job of providing very valuable resources here.

Some of my favorite resources are on this page:

However, when Milena Calderari-Waldron and I, Helen Eby, reviewed one of the top items on the page, the Foreign Language Services Ordering Guide, we found significant differences from established practices in our field and in published papers. Therefore, we sent a review of these differences to the drafting team on July 13, 2017.

We hope this review of the Ordering Guide is useful to the Federal Government and possibly to others.

How to start freelancing

These links are mostly from conversations in the Editorial Freelancers Association.

Happy surfing!

On the Basics: Tips for Getting Started in Editing or Freelancing

On the Basics: So You Want to be a Freelancer

On the Basics: So you Want to be an Editor (or Proofreader)

EditTools: Duplicate References – A Preview

When Is the Right Time to Launch a Freelance Tech Communications Business?

How to Start Freelancing and Find Work

What makes translations by Gaucha Translations different?

Gaucha Translations is a language services company founded and owned by me, Helen Eby. I am certified as a translator by the American Translators Association in Spanish to English, by Washington State DSHS from English to Spanish, and as an interpreter (Oregon Court and Oregon Medical). Through my company, I set up teams to work on projects such as Science News for Students and my colleagues are generally certified translators with over five years of experience.

  1. I am an advocate for professionalism and have coauthored definitions of translators.
  2. I am a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and the American Medical Writers Association,and keep up to date with copy editing best practices. I am part of a blog team focused on Spanish writing for the US (
  3. Every translation is done by a highly-qualified translator (often, certified) and reviewed by an equally qualified translator for quality improvement.
  4. The client is part of the conversation regarding style guides and some translation decisions.
  5. I work with clients regarding deadlines to ensure that they are realistic, set our team up for success and quality work, and meet the clients’ needs.
  6. I also check the website or other media where the documents are published to suggest overall improvements, so the context of the site is appropriate for the documents.
  7. I have been involved in the ASTM Translations Standard drafting committee, and my work order for translation services is inspired in the ASTM Translation Standard. This is a link to an RTF version.
  8. My rate sheet is available for review.

Medical Certification: Renewed

Today I got my certificate from the OHA. My medical interpreting certification in Oregon has been renewed!

HEby_CertLtr_May 2017

What is required for that today?

The list is here.

  • Six hours of health care interpreting ethics.
  • Six hours of interpreting skills
  • Twelve hours of topics approved by a variety of organizations.

A background check! New as of 2017.



Why publish quality educational materials in Spanish?

  1. Spanish is the second most common language in the United States

According to the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), in 2013 Spanish was the predominant language spoken by both immigrant and U.S.-born Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals. 37,459,000 people speak Spanish in the United States. 16,482,000 are limited English proficient.

  1. Hispanic dropout rate: Double the white dropout rate

When I, Helen Eby, owner of Gaucha Translations, spoke with local librarians as I researched the state of Spanish literature in my local libraries, I found that parents enjoy reading Spanish versions of the English books students check out. I also researched the statistics of immigrants of Mexican origin and found that more than half of the first-generation immigrants to the US of Mexican origin in 2007 had completed at least ninth grade. As I have interacted with immigrants in a program for migrant workers, I have observed that they have generally taken advantage of all the educational opportunities that were available to them. They are resourceful life-long learners.

3. If quality materials are available in Spanish…

  • The resoures will be very valuable for states which, like Oregon, have adopted the Seal of Biliteracy.
  • More dated scientific materials in Spanish will inspirie and provide more access to Latino-Hispanic students interested in STEM fields.
  • Parents will support their students with their homework, which will lead to lower droput rates.

Measuring Language Proficiency

What can be truly measured? I believe that listing the units by which something is measured is essential.

In language proficiency testing, there are many scales being used. Level 1 can mean many different things. I will use units of length as an analogy. MIT students got this right when they measured in smoots. In 1958, they measured the Mass. Ave. bridge between MIT and Boston to be “precisely 364.4 smoots plus or minus one ear” (see link). The bridge is painted in Smoots to this day. Oliver Smoot, the person they used to measure the bridge, went on to chair the American National Standards Institute.  Here is an April Fools’ joke on the topic, from the MIT site itself.

When we compare language proficiency scales, we should have the same level of concern for accuracy. Have these comparisons been validated? Are the units of the comparison mentioned? Saying “Level X is equal to Level Y” is meaningless unless we name the unit (scale) for level Y, and how many people have tested at the same level on both scales in order to validate this result.

Without these comparisons, it is difficult for clients to have a basis for comparison between one vendor’s marketing materials and another vendor’s marketing materials. Maybe it is time for third-party verification to become a common practice in this system.

Until this happens, at Gaucha Translations we will continue to work with the providers we know to be reliable because of their historical track record and the endorsement of the ACTFL and other such organizations, which have the ability to research the practices of said vendors.


Who is Helen Eby, at Gaucha Translations?

I am a translator and an interpreter. I cover a lot of territory, but I have background in a lot of areas. These are my specialties.


I am a member of the Cuatro Mosqueteras , a team writing a blog on how to improve Spanish writing. I grew up in Argentina, where I became an English and Spanish teacher. I am a Spanish translator and interpreter:

Click here to learn about translation certification.

Click here to learn about interpreting certification.


Because of my experience with education at a high level in both Spanish and English, I am comfortable with the technical details of science and the humanities in both languages.

  • Medical
    • Medical student at the University of Buenos Aires, covering Anatomy, Histology, Embryology, Physics, Chemistry, Physiology
  • Business
    • Studied at the Instituto Argentino de Secretarias Ejecutivas in Buenos Aires where I learned intricacies about the business side of working in an office. We were introduced to the basics of accounting, legal issues, and other topics. In my translation work I find that I understand these concepts very well because of this training.
    • Experience as an Administrative Assistant for Cormick, a business that imported equipment for the railroad industry in Argentina, preparing bids for submission. When bids came in late in the afternoon, I always was able to meet the deadlines for submission the next morning. Meeting deadlines was very important. Now I understand why businesses have last-minute translation needs, and am very willing to help with them.
  • Nautical
    • I sailed on sailboats from the time I was eight years old. I also assisted the Purser and the Captain of the MV Logos in the preparation of documents for customs and immigration in the ports of all Spanish speaking countries of Latin America except for Honduras, Colombia, Uruguay and Mexico. This experience launched me on the road toward becoming a professional translator.
    • In Argentina, as a sailor, I earned the timonel de yate a vela certificate from the Prefectura Naval Argentina de San Isidro. In Boston, I earned the helmsman certificate from Community Boating, Inc.
  • Education specialty
    • Home-school teacher of high school college prep courses in biology, chemistry, physics, pre-calculus, history, government, and literature. I have taught individual students and group lessons. My children were National Merit Finalists and received very high scores on College Board math and science subject tests.
    • Adjunct professor of Spanish at Gordon College, Wenham, MA.
    • Graduated as a primary education teacher (grades 1-7) of English and Spanish from the Escuela Normal de Maestras en Lenguas Vivas “John F. Kennedy”, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Certified translator and interpreter

At the Chamber of Commerce they tell me banks can’t provide their own translations any more because of conflict of interest. Therefore, I designed postcards with the following information, which I will be distributing at the Chamber and to local potential clients.

Helen Eby
Aloha, Oregon

Certified translatorSpanish Certified Interpreter
American Translators Association Certified Spanish into English
Washington State DSHS Certified English into Spanish
Oregon Judicial Department Certified Court Interpreter
Oregon Healthcare Authority Certified Healthcare Interpreter

Certified translations of:

  • Official documents (e.g. birth certificates, transcripts)
  • Business documents (e.g. contracts)
  • Translation-transcriptions of audio or video recordings


Helen Eby
Aloha, Oregón

Traductora certificadaIntérprete certificada
por la ATA del español al inglés
por WA DSHS del inglés al español
por el estado de Oregón en lo jurídico
por el estado de Oregón (OHA) en el ámbito médico

Traducciones certificadas de:

  • documentos oficiales (ej.: partidas de nacimiento, certificados de estudio)
  • documentos comerciales (ej.: contratos)
  • transcripciones de grabaciones o videos

Gaucha Translations,  here to serve the community!

Recommended language proficiency guidelines for employees

Bilingual employees often use the foreign language at work. The ACTFL scale gives language proficiency guidelines for different skills, and there are tests for each skill. How does each skill apply to the work duties performed at the office? The following skill descriptions are taken from the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012.

The levels that are described below are what I personally have observed are what is needed for clear communication at work. As I have trained interpreters, I have seen that those who have an oral proficiency lower than Advanced Mid, for example, are simply not ready to learn interpreting because of the problems described below. As a translation instructor and as an interpreter, I have seen how the distractions caused by problematic use of terminology, grammar, and syntax lead to difficulties in comprehension of the text.

Continue reading

Translating documents for legal purposes

I am often asked for guidelines to translate documents to submit to the courts. Rather than write my own explanation, I will provide resources to two authoritative sources:

Guide to Translation of Legal Materials, prepared by the Professional Issues Committee of the Consortium for Language Access in the Courts in 2011. This document lists details such as how to certify a translation, how to choose the right translator, typographical conventions, just to name a few.

King County Written Language Translation Process Manual: a similar guide specific to King County, Washington State.

These guides should answer most questions about how to submit a translation to the courts and how to choose the right translator for the job.

Language… it gets updated

The latest update in our language, which takes many of us by surprise, is text messaging. Is it making our language worse? In many ways, it seems reminiscent of telegrams and telexes of a bygone era. When telegrams were sent by morse code, and telexes were sent over the phone wires with an expensive international phone connection, each character was expensive. The same character-saving economy is applied to text messages.

This is a link to a large list of chat acronyms and text messaging shorthand in English.

This is a link to a link to message abbreviations in Spanish.

While these abbreviations are here to stay, we can negotiate the maze of messages!

These pages also have links to smileys, jargon, and other language found on the internet. Enjoy!

State of Interpreting and Translation in Oregon

On Sunday, February 19, I was able to deliver a report to Senator Wyden at his Town Hall meeting in Eugene, Oregon.

This is the one-pager I wrote about the situation in Oregon.

Oregon and National Needs in Interpreting and Translation

I also gave him the following documents to look over. I hope he reads them!

Definitions of the roles of interpreters, translators, translator-transcribers and terminologists, endorsed by nine professional associations.

Why use certified, qualified interpreters and translators?

I expect to be able to continue this conversation with him in the future. Oregon needs this conversation to move forward.

Work-life balance: What is it?

To serve you well, I have to keep all issues in context. This paper, Overwork in America, covers some important concepts. The following paragraphs explain how I intend to apply what I gleaned from this article. As a freelancer, I am responsible for determining my schedule.

  • I have to take care of my health. In my case, exercise is essential to stay healthy. It takes time.
  • I need to manage some family issues so they do not distract me when I work. As some of you may be aware, my mother-in-law has been needing more support since January of 2016.

My schedule in 2017 will be approximately as follows:

  • Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: work from 9 to 5
  • Tuesdays: Family issues
  • Fridays: Combination of family issues and work
  • Saturdays: Rarely available
  • Sundays: Not available

In 2017, my work time will be more efficient. And my play time and home time will be more focused on those issues, so I can come back to you ready to work!

Books! Time to enjoy them

During the new year, I invite you to enjoy reading. Books have not gone out of style in the Gaucha Translations library. As a matter of fact, I am constantly updating it!

Check it out for ideas on what to read or what to buy yourselves. I have provided a reasonably complete catalog so others can benefit from it.

Gaucha Translations Library

This is my personal collection of resources, from which I draw for work and personal reading enjoyment in Spanish. I have a large collection of books in English which I have not catalogued. I occasionally loan some of these books to colleagues and friends.
TitleAuthorCopyrightPublication InfoISBNLanguageText Type
Lingüística aplicada a la enseñanza del español a anglohablantesTerrel, Tracy D; Salgués de Cargill, Maruxa1979John Wiley and Sons: Canada0-471-03946-2SpanishApplied linguistics
Fundamentos de la enseñanza del español a hispanohablantes en los EE.UU.Potowski, Kim2005Editorial ARCO/LIBROS, S.L.: Madrid, Spain84-7635-619-6SpanishApplied linguistics
Teaching Heritage Language Learners: Voices from the classroomWebb, John B; Miller, Barbara L2000ACTFL: Yonkers, NY0-9705798-0-2EnglishApplied linguistics
La evaluación de la lengua en el marco de E/L2: Bases y procedimientosBordón, Teresa2006Editorial ARCO/LIBROS, S.L.: Madrid, Spain84-7635-644-7SpanishApplied linguistics
El español de los traductores y otros estudiosZorrilla, Alicia María2015Editorial del CTPCBA978-987-1763-16-0SpanishApplied linguistics
Modern Artists on Art, 2nd ed.Herbert, Robert L (ed.)2000RR. Donnelly978-0-486-41191-0EnglishArt
Art and ArtistsRead, Herbert1994Thames and Hudson Ltd: London, UK0-500-20274-5EnglishArt
Theatre de la Mode: Fashion Dolls: The survival of Haute CoutoureCharles-Roux, Edmonde et al2002Maryhill Museum of Art, Palmer/Pletsch Publishing: Portland, OR0-935278-57-7EnglishArt
BorgesBioy Casares, Adolfo2010BackList: Barcelona, Spain978-84-08-10245-8SpanishBiography
Rigoberta: La nieta de los MayasMenchú, Rigoberta1998Aguilar, Altea, Taurus, Alfaguara, S.A. de C.V.: Mexico84-03-59526-3SpanishBiography
Doing Business in Argentina1992Price WaterhouseEnglishBusiness
Doing Business in Mexico1993Price WaterhouseEnglishBusiness
Protecting Personal Information: A Guide for BusinessFederal Trade ComissionFederal Trade Comission: Washington, DCEnglishBusiness
Diccionario de términos contablesBlanes Prieto, Joaquín1972Compañía Editorial Continental, S.A.: MéxicoSpanishBusiness
Glosario para la Empresa - Terminología Contable, Tributaria y de AdministraciónDebonis, Silvana2004La Ley: Buenos Aires, Argentina950-527-769-5SpanishBusiness
Diccionario de términos económicos, financieros y comerciales: Inglés-Español, Spanish-EnglishAlcaraz Varó, Enrique and Hughes, Brian2000Editorial Ariel, S.A.: Barcelona, Spain84-344-0507-5SpanishBusiness
Diccionario de términos contables: Inglés-Español, Español-Inglés1995Instituto Mexicano de Contadores Publicos, A.C.968-6964-08-8SpanishBusiness
Un mundo de adivinanzas para pequeños genios, 1Azarmendia, Ángel2003El gato de hojalata: Buenos Aires, Argentina987-1134-37-1SpanishChildren
Los secretos de la isla sonrienteSolsona, María Rosa1986"El Ateneo" Pedro García, S.A.: Buenos Aires, Argentina950-02-8381-6SpanishChildren
Juegos fáciles para pequeños: 1Boulanger, J. (Lupo Canaleta, A. (trans.))1978Editorial Vilamala: Barcelona, Spain84-324-0075-0SpanishChildren
Dailan KifkiWalsh, María Elena2009Ediciones Siruela S.A.: Madrid, Spain978-84-9841-287-1SpanishChildren
The Cat in the Hat Beginner Book: Dictionary in Spanish1966Random House, Inc.: New York, NY0-394-91542-9EnglishChildren
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Maná: Una mini-Biblia1987?Alfalit International, Inc.: Miami, FLSpanishChristian
Manantiales de lo AltoTozer, A.W. (De Francesco, Cecilia R. de (trans.))1984Editorial Betania: Puerto Rico0-88113-196-2SpanishChristian
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Here is a link to the spreadsheet: Gaucha Library spreadsheet

Congreso San Jerónimo, Mexico

I recently returned from Mexico, where I was honored to be a guest speaker at the Congreso San Jerónimo, in Guadalajara.

Check here for the presentations I gave there!

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Translation Certification in the Pacific Northwest

In the Pacific Northwest, and specifically in Washington State, two translation certification programs are relevant.

The American Translators Association is a professional association that certifies members who are translators.

The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services has a Language Testing and Certification Unit that has been certifying translators since 1996. This certification program is regulated by WAC 388-03.

These certifications meet the requirements of the Federal government on this page.

The following table compares these programs.

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Interpreting Certification Compared (Spoken Language)

Spoken Language Interpreting Certification in the United States: a comparison

Competency-based assessments are the foundation of credentialing in many professions, one of which is interpreting. According to the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, an assessment instrument is any one of several standardized methods for determining if candidates possess the necessary knowledge and skills related to the purpose of the certification. Professional certification is therefore a voluntary process and is bestowed by an organization granting recognition to an individual who has met certain eligibility requirements and successfully completed a rigorous assessment based on a job task analysis.

Interpreter certification is akin to licensure in many other professions such as psychology, occupational therapy, social work, professional counseling, architecture, or nursing. In the United States, there are three certifying bodies for medical interpreters: NBCMI, CCHI and DSHS/LTC (see chart attached). In this chart we are also including the Oregon Court Interpreting certification for comparison purposes because interpreters move from one field to another in their scope of work on a regular basis. Interpreters will have to choose which certification to pursue based on their working languages, the availability of testing sites, the delivery modality (on-site v. remote interpreting) and the applicable federal and state laws and regulations. In the State of Oregon, the Oregon Health Authority is the government agency responsible for regulating medical interpreters.

The following table compares the different certifications. These certifications meet the requirements of the Federal government on this page.

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Qualified Language Access: Essential and mandatory

On September 8, I visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I spoke with a woman who works there and told her I am a Spanish interpreter. She told me she wished her husband had been able to work with an interpreter 30 years ago, before he met her. Here is her story, as she emailed it to me. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the people involved.

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Travels with Helen

Today’s post is guest written by my husband, David. He has watched me in action over the years, and this is the story of some things he has learned.

In 25 years of marriage to Helen, I’ve learned a lot about my unconscious biases. I was raised on an entirely family-run farm in Oregon. When my older brother took Spanish in high school, I remember wondering why he would do that. Spanish was the language of the uneducated. They were migrant workers and probably illiterate. I had no contact with them, but I had biases against them anyway.

When we have these biases, they are not consciously chosen. It’s just how things are. We claim to be unbiased, but only because we don’t know any better.

This year, over Memorial Day Weekend, Helen and I spent our time at the Oregon Coast. We ate at a restaurant with an obvious Mexican slant in its menu, and Helen struck up a conversation with our server. After talking in English for a while, they switched to Spanish, and the words really started to fly! I don’t speak Spanish, so I had to get a summary from Helen afterwards. The server’s story is one that I’m beginning to realize is extremely common among the Hispanics in the US.

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Checking for Quality in Translation: Teamwork

Airplane pilots have checklists and follow them carefully. One of them reads items off the list, according to popular belief, and the other one says “check”. This way, both pilot and copilot verify that everything is in order. What happens when there is a “check” that isn’t said?

“We would like to inform our passengers that this flight will be delayed by a few hours while we repair…”

“We would like to inform our passengers that in the interest of protecting your safety, the flight crew is going home. They have been up too long to be able to fly this transcontinental flight safely. You will be scheduled for an early morning flight. The airline has made hotel arrangements for you. Good night.”

Safety first. Every time. We grumble, but the airline that doesn’t put safety first is in big trouble.

What about translation?

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The Translator Requests a Clarification: Tracking the conversation

Translators and interpreters face a common problem: lack of clarity in the source message. Interpreters have a standard formula for addressing this: “the interpreter requests clarification”. Although translators deal with the same issue, a standard formula is missing. We deal with acronyms that are company-specific, missing terms, etc. and clarify them with clients over email. In the middle of email chains, however, it is easy to lose track of the changes and of our role. We need a better, more rigorous, method of recording these conversations.

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Lau v. Nichols – Language access started in the schools

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin in any program or activity that receives Federal funds or other Federal financial assistance. There is information on this topic in the Health and Human Services website  and, of course, in the Department of Justice website of the United States.

The Civil Rights Act became law in 1964. However, it wasn’t until 1974 that language access was understood to be part of national origin, and therefore covered by the Civil Rights Act. The landmark court case, Lau v. Nichols, set strong precedents for language access applications of Title VI. It all began in the California schools.

Business skills interpreters need

Interpreters need business skills to manage their client base and so they can also be marketable as administrative staff in a language company. Here is a tentative list of computer-based skills interpreters should acquire:

  • How to invoice – Word has an invoicing template!
  • How to follow instructions on a company’s invoicing practices.
  • How to track invoices that were paid or not paid – Excel is a good tool for this.
  • How to follow up on late payments.
  • How to follow up on clients who have fallen off the radar – the project manager could have changed, and a quick call might be all that’s needed. Maybe you were unable to take appointments for a period of time and you forgot to tell them you are available again.
  • How to work with an Excel spreadsheet.
  • How to work with track changes in Word.
  • How to put comments in a Word document.
  • How to know when to make a change in a translated document you are reviewing.
  • How to research a term that you can’t find in a dictionary.
  • How to set Word and Excel up to work with your language (see this post)

Filling out forms with a client

Issues to consider when filling out forms

a. Medical providers need the medical intake forms in a language they can  understand. Typically, medical interpreters have been involved in this process,

b. Medical interpreters have a limited scope of practice. They are not expected to give medical advice (explain the meaning of medical terms, which can be construed as giving medical advice), or have side conversations (this can happen often while filling out forms).

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Teamwork in translation with Tuality

I just finished working as a team with a client. It’s been awesome to help Tuality launch their website in Spanish! Check it out!

When we started working, we went over this worksheet. We have been faithful to those principles in every project we have done together.

Here is the Spanish site.

Here is the English site.

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ASTM Interpreting and Translation Standards

This presentation was prepared for two school Districts in Oregon. Recently, some Oregon school districts have made the news because they have had multiple Title VI complaints. The  language access principles presented here should help school districts implement policies that enable them to use their funds effectively and avoid these problems.

Schools base their language access service on Title VI, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin in any program or activity that receives Federal funds or Federal financial assistance. This page from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and this page from the United States Department of Justice refer to Title VI in more detail.

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