2017 foundations

2016 has been a very exciting year. Here are some of the highlights of my  professional work:

This year, one of the areas in which I expect to develop is, of course, training by teleconference.

  • Registration closes on January 15 for these two trainings. Members of professional associations pay a discounted price for these trainings.
  • Translation certification training by teleconference in English to Russian and English to/from Spanish closes on Jan 15. When we ran the pilot program class in 2016, three people became certified through ATA (under 20% pass rate, but 60% of our test-takers passed!) and two became certified through WA DSHS (38% pass rate, but 100% of our test-takers passed!). I was one of the people who became certified through the program. I understand what is involved in certification.
  • Spanish writing training

I look foward to your partnership in 2017. Together, we can make a difference.